Sensitron Semiconductor presents a new concept

At Sensitron Semiconductor a new concept is under development: radiation-tolerant GaN FET with an integrated gate driver. Could it suit your company?

Our partner Sensitron Semiconductor is developing a radiation-tolerant #GaN FET with an integrated gate driver. But, please keep in mind that this new component is NOT on the market yet, it is still under development. For this reason, the company is conducting a survey among distributors and direct clients to get the market’s feedback in order to proceed with the production.
Dimac Red would like to do its part and collect Q&As from direct customers. So, could this type of product be for your business? If so, what comments would you give us?

The concept: a Radiation Tolerant #GaN FET with Integrated Gate Driver
Sensitron’s idea is to manufacture a radiation-tolerant product with a low inductance package configuration, superior thermal performance, and low switching loss. An ideal component for high switching frequency power applications in LEO satellite environments. Additionally, customers can employ the GaN FET with an integrated driver in an external digital isolator and floating power supply.

We are collecting the customer’s comments
Do you want to know more about the new concept provided by Sensitron Semiconductor and give your feedback? Please get in touch with the experts at In this way, you can access the technical data in advance.