TFT Display for Raspberry Pico

Introducing the compact 0.9″ TFT Display perfect for the Raspberry Pi Pico by Display Visions. Including touch panel support for the version with capacitive touch (PCAP) and a demo code in C for immediate use.

The new Raspberry Pi Pico by our partner Display Visions is ideal for IoT applications: small, inexpensive and power-saving with 0.4 W in operation or 6 mW in sleep mode. To match this, there is now a compact TFT display with 80 mW power consumption only that can be soldered on directly. The display is available pre-assembled. This makes it a child’s play to display any measured values and parameters.

Currently, two different versions are available:

·         0.9″ IPS DIsplay, 500 cd/m²: EA RaPicoTFT009

·         0.9″ IPS Display with touch, 400 cd/m²: EA RaPicoTFT009TC

Both versions include well-documented C code for displaying some text in different fonts, deleting and filling areas, displaying images and using the touch panel.

For any inquiries, please contact the experts at Dimac Red to get insights oh this product.