New SpaceWire tester & network traffic capturer

Two-in-One SpaceWire Simulator & Recorder with a simple software re-configuration

Our partner TELETEL announces the two-in-one iSAFT SpaceWire Simulator/Recorder product which supports both SpaceWire simulation & recording through a simple software reconfiguration.

It constitutes a unique product in the satellite/spacecraft onboard data networks market. It offers Two-in-One capabilities at almost half the price.

The device acts both as an advanced tester with traffic generation and error injection capabilities, as well as a high-performing, modern network traffic capture, recording, and analysis tool.

The use of the iSAFT reduces equipment and labor costs, leveraging the overall Space AIT expenditures.

The iSAFT SpaceWire Simulator & Recorder is offered in two main form factors, a Compact System and a Rackmount System.

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