“Understanding Chip Antennas”: the handbook by Johanson Technology

“Understanding Chip Antennas”: the technical handbook aims of educating and informing customers and newcomers about chip antennas. 

Johanson Technology, a global leader in chip antenna design, manufacturing, implementation, and technical support, has prepared a handbook to help customers learn about chip antennas. Inside, you’ll find information on the types of ceramic chip antennas that Johanson manufactures and how they work. 

Additionally, it talks about why these antennas stand out, what to think about when picking chip antennas, and how to set them up for the best results in high-frequency applications such as Bluetooth (BLE), WiFi, Zigbee, UNII 1-3, GPS/ GLONASS, Sub GHz ISM, Dual-Band, and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB).

Get the PDF and share with engineers who are involved in the wireless, connectivity, and automotive sectors.

Download the PDF: Understanding Chip Antennas

Technology Overview

In short, chip antennas are produced using Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) technology. In fact, LTCC tech is a type of multi-layer ceramic process that allows for the integration of very small passive components such as capacitors and inductors into a single package. It enables the production of miniaturized and highly functional electronic components, modules, or systems with improved performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Credits: https://www.johansontechnology.com/antennas



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