Upgrade of isolator CMTI by NVE

With recent process improvements, NVE’s flagship IL700-Series isolators now have a best-in-class Common-Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) minimum specification of 100 kV/µs.

An Important Specification

First of all, CMTI is an important specification for isolators operating in noisy environments. Particularly important is the in floating supply applications such as power-control, where the change in the common-mode power supply voltage can exceed the isolator’s and cause spurious switching.

Key Features

Regarding the specifications, their high CMTI makes NVE isolators ideal for power control applications. Consequently, other features make them the best isolators in the industry:

  1. 100 kV/µs min.; 100 kV/µs typ. CMTI
  2. High speed: 110 Mbps
  3. Up to 125 °C (“T” and “V” Series)
  4. Low EMI emissions with no carriers or clocks
  5. Up to 6 kVRMS Reinforced Isolation (“V” Series)
  6. 100 ps pulse jitter
  7. 44000-year barrier life
  8. 500 VRMS IS-to-IS intrinsically safe
  9. MSOP8; QSOP16; 0.15″ and 0.3″ SOIC


Even Higher CMTI

In short, if you need an even higher isolator, NVE offers IL600CMTI-Series passive-input isolators with 200 kV/µs guaranteed CMTI and up to 300 kV/µs with external deglitch circuitry.


In Stock

To conclude the topic, a full line of IL700-series isolators is in stock with the new specifications for immediate delivery.

Please contact the experts at dimacred@dimacred.com or call the headquarter in order to get further information.

To get to know more, downloadable files are available at:

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