The world’s first medical RGB-IR sensor

OmniVision is introducing the world’s first RGB-IR medical image sensor: OH02A1S!

To sum up its function, this medical RGB-IR sensor provides simultaneous white-light RGB captures and infrared monochrome captures in a single CMOS sensor.

While using IR ligh active endoscopic precancer and cancer detection procedures, surgeons also need RGB light. For what reason? To confirm any abnormalities detected using infrared. Previously, this could only be accomplished by integrating two independent imager sensors, which resulted in endoscopes with a larger size, higher cost and higher power consumption, thereby excessively heating the tip of the endoscope.

This world’s first medical RGB-IR sensor’s name is OH02A1S. It enables the designers of chip-on-tip endoscopes for cancer detection to eliminate a second image sensor. Thereby overcoming the drawbacks of a two imager design. Consequently, these improvements allow the development of small outer diameter (OD) endoscopes for cancer detection and diagnosis procedures such as indocyanine green (ICG), fluorescence, chromo and virtual endoscopy.

“Until now, the need for two image sensors made the size and heat of endoscopes excessive for many areas of the body. Additionally, the added cost was too high for disposable scopes.”

Key features

To summarize the key features, check it out the list below:

  • 1.4 micron PureCel® pixel architecture offers high quantum efficiency for excellent low-light performance
  • 4×4 binning for the highest image quality
  • Consumes just 90 milliwatts at full power, generating less heat for greater patient comfort

The OH02A1S image sensor is available today in an RW package. Lately, the chip-scale package will be available based on project demand.