Anatech Electronics product update

Anatech Electronics is proud to announce three new series of Products. 1.2 MHz LC Lowpass Filter  AE1.2L8836 Cutoff Frequency: 1.2 MHz Passband: 60 0 KHz Insertion loss over Passband: 0. 5 dB Min Download Full Data Sheet 2450 MHz / 4900 MHz / 7350 MHz Triplexer AD2450-4900-7350TR301 Frequency Range 1: 2450±40MHz Insertion Loss 1: ≤…


New website!

Dimac red is proud to announce the publication of their new website offering a more stylish look, greater functionality, and simpler access to information. Visitors to the site can quickly see the many different skills and competencies of Dimac red.

NetPower announces new Power Converters compliant to EN50155

NetPower is proud to announce new Railway Products. Railway products:  QYR6A, HYR6A , QYRA7A, HYR7A (compliant to EN50155.)    180-400V input DC/DC Converters:  HYUEA,  FYVEA AC-DC converters Low power DC-DC converters (<20W) POL  8-14V Input, 0.5-1.6V, 200A Output NHT1xxxx200xx6 1/4 brick & 1/8 brick heatsink EMI Filter   At the following link, you…


Dean Technology, Inc.announced the addition of three new surface mount parts in the SL series

Dean Technology, Inc., today announced the addition of three moreparts to its SL series of surface mount high voltage diodes. The three new parts, the SLA20S, SLA25S, andSLA30S bring the highest voltage rating seen in a surface mount diode with peak inverse voltage ratings of20,000, 25,000 and 30,000 volts respectively.Visit DTI website for additional details and…


Gaia announces new wide range Power Supplies for Railway Applications

The new trends in railway applications are definitively oriented to more portability, highest efficiency and easy to use solutions. To address those requirements that became inevitable, Gaïa-Converter has released an unequaled ultra-wide input range DC/DC converters concept to combine universality and flexibility. The MGDDI06R –MGDDI20R-MGDDI60R are 3 families of isolated dc/dc with a 12 to…


Microsemi acquires Phonon

Microsemi announced the acquisition of Phonon, a Company focused on niche custom designs. This allows Microsemi to further expand its portfolio and Capabilities in RF, Microwave & Millimeter Wave. Dimac Red will be the Point of Contact for information and sales. Download the presentation of the new Capabilities here