BlackIoT designs and manufactures hardware boards in close collaboration with component makers and firmware developers. This Company provides documentation, and firmware and uses examples to ease product fruition by customers. Product support is always first class.

BlackIOT Engineering Team has more than 30 years of experience in the field of electronics and industrial devices. They have developed countless devices and evaluation boards for their technology partners. Now the experience of BlackIOT is available for Customers’ latest and greatest groundbreaking projects.

This company is working with the latest technologies and makes them available to the broadest audience. Find smart solutions to problems and improve everyone’s life. Knowledge and analysis ability are the keys to achieving the best results and breaking down barriers.

Fast-cycle product development enables a fast time to market. Their solid partnership with hardware makers allows them to design and make prototype boards in a few weeks.

Markets: Industry, Medical, Telecom.

Applications: RF-Wireless-GSM, Various.