Cernex Inc.

Cernex Inc. develops and produce state-of-the art reliable advanced thin-film hybrid, MMIC and discrete microwave and millimeter-wave components and Sub-systems ( active and passive), waveguide products & ferrite products for commercial and military markets. The company was incorporated in 1988 to develop and manufacture high quality thin-film hybrid gain modules, frequency multipliers, and amplifiers for the commercial and military markets. CERNEX, INC. is a leader in custom design capabilities, and offers a variety of optional features, which include components such as integral isolators, limiters, filters, attenuators, gain control, coupled output ports for our amplifier products.

Components not requiring Military qualification are offered by the mate Company Cernexwave.

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Markets: Space-Defense, Railway, Industry, Telecom.

Applications: Inductors-Magnetic, RF-Wireless-GSM, Various.