Dimac Red

Dimac red is able to provide solutions for energy storage systems based on Ultra Capacitors Technology. Our standard products are multiple modules of the X-BOOST family.

Key features of the Super and Ultra Capacitor Technologies are:

  • Very long lifetimes: more than 1 million cycles
  • Wide range of operating temperature (-40°C;+65°C)
  • No harmful chemicals or toxic metals
  • No maintenance requirement
  • 30% more efficient than batteries
  • Up to 60 times the power density achieved by batteries


Dimac red Engineering Laboratory in Biassono MB, Italy started to invest time and resources into Ultra-Capacitor technology in 2004. There are two distinct areas of intellectual property, evaluating and characterising ultra-capacitor cells and the know-how to design and build a subsystem (efficient charging and discharging). Dimac has developed Intellectual Property and Expertise since 2004 and is now working on multiple systems with several customers in different application areas.

Markets: Space-Defense, Railway, Industry.

Applications: Power-Supply-Converters.