The Hi-Rel Group Product Solutions have been enabling technology for over 40 years through the design, engineering and manufacture of microelectronic products and components.

With a rich history of supporting customers in the microelectronic products / hermetic packaging industries, we have developed a portfolio of product offerings that allow applications and systems engineers maximum flexibility for functionality and durability, often within a very small hermetic packaging footprint. Over the years, Hi-Rel has recognized the on-going needs of the industries we serve and has judiciously added product offerings to meet evolving requirements.

Our portfolio of microelectronic products includes:

Hermetic Package Lids – Lids are arguably one of the most critical components in the hybrid package assembly, as the lid ensures a robust and hermetic environment for the sensitive electronics within the package. It is useful to have a supplier that thoroughly understands the lid sealing process and the fundamental differences of varying techniques and requirements for both the package and the electronics therein. Our lid product line includes: Etched, Stamped, Solder Seal and Dome.

Getter Solutions for Microelectronics – Since 1999, the Hi-Rel Group and Johnson Matthey have combined their advanced technology capabilities to offer getter solutions, which support manufacturers of high reliability devices and systems. This unique offering enables a consistent and robust hermetic environment for sensitive microelectronics and prevents premature device failure. Our getter solutions, consisting of a getter and a lid, prevent build-up of unwanted contaminants such as hydrogen, moisture and organics. Our getter solutions are available in ink, tablet and foil forms.

Solder & Brazing Preforms – Our broad spectrum of high purity alloys and precision solder materials are manufactured using casting, rolling, slitting, stamping, forming, machining and wire EDM. Our proprietary process allows flexibility for particularly complex solder and preform geometries. Die, substrate and connector attachments, plus frame to base joints and lid sealing are common applications for these pre-cut geometries and stampings.

Thermal Management Products – Hi-Rel is an expert at solving complex problems associated with thermal dissipation for hermetic sealing and hermetic packaging. We utilize stamping, machining and etching to manufacture precision, dimensionally stable thermal spreader tabs, carriers, sub-mounts and base plates.

Other Microelectronic & Packaging Support Components – In addition to lids, getters, preforms and thermal management products, Hi-Rel is also committed to the development and manufacture of other microelectronic and optoelectronic components in support of its customers. We also offer ring frames and seal rings, wirebond tabs and vapor deposition materials, but we invite you to contact us so that we may discuss your specific needs. We are developing new solutions all the time!