Hermetic Solutions Group

Hermetic Solutions Group is the premier global supplier of hermetic packaging, components and services to leading manufacturers in the defense, aerospace, medical, energy and telecommunication markets.

Comprised of highly respected microelectronic packaging brands – Hi-Rel Group, Litron, PA&E and Sinclair Manufacturing, the company offers a single source of supply for hermetic packages, connectors, headers, lids, windows, thermal management materials, vacuum products, preforms and laser solutions.

The Hermetic Solutions Group makes its customers’ lives easier by providing a comprehensive solution to ensure sensitive electronics operate reliably in the harshest environments. Key product areas include:

Hermetic Electronic Packaging

The Hermetic Solutions Group brings customers’ hermetic electronic package designs to life. Common applications include space, airborne defence/weapon systems, down-hole oil tools, implantable medical devices, satellites and more.  The company’s custom aluminium, Kovar, titanium and stainless steel packaging solutions ensure the electronics within those devices are unaffected by whatever extreme environmental condition they operate in. The Hermetic Solutions Group also manufactures standard flat-pack, plug-in and platform packages in most common industry configurations as well as high thermal dissipation power packages and power transistor outline (TO) packages in a variety of materials.

Hermetic Interconnect Products

The Hermetic Solution Group’s Mil-SPEC D-style and 38999 connectors meet or exceed their respective military specification standards. Sealing technology includes Kryoflex®, a unique ceramic-to-metal sealing technology for maximum long-term reliability and electrical performance, and traditional glass-to-metal sealed connectors. RF/Microwave connectors from the Hermetic Solutions Group also meet or exceed Mil-Spec standards and are compatible with lightweight housing materials such as aluminium and titanium. The Hermetic Solution Group’s implantable connectors have been used in cardiac devices, cochlear implants and other medical devices for 40+ years and we specialize in custom connector manufacture across all markets.

Enabling Components

There’s more to a reliable hermetic package solution than a box and connectors. The Hermetic Solution Group’s getter solutions protect sensitive electronics from failure due to contamination from outgassing. The company’s deep metallurgical expertise allows it to manufacture high-quality solder preforms, ring frames and custom thermal spreaders from a variety of metals and alloys. Hermetic package lids from the Hermetic Solutions Group are available in a variety of styles, including domed, solder seal, stepped-flat and window lid formats. 

Explosively Bonded Metals

The company’s explosively metal welding process can combine a range of metals not possible through traditional welding methods (including permanently joining ferrous, and non-ferrous metals). The Hermetic Solutions Group’s Explosive Metal Welding Division manufactures explosively welded raw material for custom fabrication and fully-finished components for the maritime industry, including aircraft tie-downs, wash-down nozzles, deck sockets, ship deck drains and more.

Markets: Space-Defense, Railway, Industry, Telecom.

Applications: Materials, Various.