ISOBAUD Inc. is focused on the optoelectronics and sensor markets.

The company designs and manufactures high-performance hybrids and hermetic packages for aerospace, industrial, military and medical applications. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley – Santa Clara, CA – ISOBAUD was founded by veterans in the High-Rel Optoelectronics Segment.



ISOBAUD hasproven solutions for Power Management, Motor Controllers and Actuation Controllers for Aerospace. Besides Military standard catalog offering that can be screened per MIL PRF-19500 and MIL PRF-38534, ISOBAUD will work with end users to deliver custom solutions. For Medical, ISOBAUD will support solutions for equipment that require high level of reliability and the ability to function in harsh environments. ISOBAUD has radiation tolerant solutions for equipment used in oncology treatment.

ISOBAUD Portofolio comprehends Discrete High Performance,

Radiation Tolerant Emitters & Sensors, High Reliability & Radiation Tolerant Analog Optocouplers and High Reliability Digital Isolators (150Mhz)                                                                      

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Markets: Space-Defense.

Applications: Opto-Display-Sensor.