Lextar is a global leader in opto-semiconductor solutions with the strategic advantage of integrating upper stream epitaxial, chip, downstream package and module.

Lextar is an innovator of product applications, which include: LCD backlights, automotive, 3D/2D sensing, UV, RGB display and professional lighting.

The optoelectronic components, modules and design service are widely delivered to global customers from Lextar’s R&D team and production sites.  

Lextar has top research and developed team on T. E.M.O. ( Thermal.Electrical .Mechanical.Optical ) vertical integration technology with over 2,200 patents worldwide, and offers one-stop optoelectronics technology solutions and services.

Lextar can deliver:

  • Invisible Light & 3D Sensing
  • UVA
  • UVC
  • IR & Sensing
  • Wearable
  • Backlight
  • TV
  • Monitor
  • Notebook/Tablet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Flash
  • Automotive
  • Low Power
  • Mid Power
  • High Power
  • Ultra High Power
  • RGB Display
  • Fine-Pitch Packages
  • I-Mini Modules
  • Professional Lighting
  • Module(Light Bar/DOB)
  • COB
  • RGB Multi-Color
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Chip
  • Display
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Sensing
  • Curing&Disinfection
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Markets: Automotive, Industry, Medical.

Applications: Opto-Display-Sensor, Various.