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LICAP Technologies. Inc. (LICAP) is a world-class manufacturer of supercapacitor and lithium-ion capacitor products with market leading performance. We also conduct research and development to identify innovative new materials and processes to improve energy storage device performance and reduce overall costs.



Licap’ s high technology is mainly reflected in the two following categories of Products.


Ultracapacitors, also known as Supercapacitors, or Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC’s) store energy electrostatically as opposed to batteries which store energy electrochemically.  Since ultracapacitors do not rely on electrochemical reactions, they are capable of handling very rapid charge and discharge rates at high power, repeatedly. Ultracapacitors excel in applications with short duration energy requirements where battery maintenance and replacement is costly, inconvenient or impossible. Some examples include critical remote systems with a requirement for graceful power down, last gasp, bridge power or voltage sag protection.  Also applications with regular, short duration high power demands which normally results in an oversized primary energy source (batteries, generator, etc..). 

Lithium Ion Capacitor

Applications for lithium ion capacitors (LIC) are similar to ultracapacitors (UC) where long life, highly reliable, maintenance free energy storage is required for a product or system.  Various types of UPS systems, peak power delivery, voltage sag compensation and hybrid energy storage systems are a few examples.  LIC’s have a few performance differences that make them better suited for specific situations as compared to a UC.  One example where LIC has an advantage is self-discharge, less than 15% over 3 months.  In applications with no constant power supply connected, and potentially long times between charge opportunities, the LIC is a better choice.  Also, LIC’s store 3 times the energy of an ultracapacitor, so you can fit the same energy requirement in a much smaller space with LIC as compared to UC.

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