LS Materials

LS Materials is the leading partner for new-generation energy storage devices with great power and reliability.

LS Materials has been producing ultracapacitor for 20 years and suppling it to more than 500 customers over the world, becoming one of the leading global manufacturers of Ultracapacitors.

They provide solutions:

  • When high power within a short time is needed;
  • When second power source for an emergency is needed;
  • When the installation environment is wild (extremely hot or extremely cold);
  • When safer energy storage is required compared to chemical energy storage solutions;
  • When high currents peaks are required.


Key words for LS Materials products are:

  • High power performance
  • High energy performance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance-free
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40℃~+65℃)”

Markets: Automotive, Space-Defense, Railway, Industry, Medical, Telecom.

Applications: Resistance-Capacitors, Various.