Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies provides solutions for applications that need instantly available backup power in the event of grid power disturbances or outages.

  • Reduces lifetime maintenance costs
  • Durable and reliable with over a million cycles
  • Eliminates reliance on batteries or maintenance issues with hydraulic systems
  • High performance in all weather conditions from -40° to +65°C


Examples include uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, low-voltage emergency lighting and board-mounted backup in solid state disk drives (SSD) used in enterprise computing systems, Maintenance Free Remote Installations, Regenerative Power (energy recuperation), Peak Assist, Hospitals and Medical Life Sustaining Equipment, Telecommunications, Regenerative Braking Systems, Start-Stop Technology, Boardnet Stabilization, High Power Consumer Support, Wind Turbine Pitch Control Systems, Voltage Regulation and VARS Support, Bus and Truck Starter Systems.

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Markets: Automotive, Railway, Industry.

Applications: Power-Supply-Accessories.