MT Connectivity

MT Connectivity (MTCON) is a supplier of highly reliable connectivity solutions. MTCON designs and manufactures POWER TOWER, POWER SOCKET, POWER EDGE, POWER 2, POWER SMD OR SPECIAL MTCON TWIST PROTECTION

They believe that «Greatness comes from attention to detail».

A phrase that especially applies to press-fit technology. So MTCON takes great care of details, to ensure that the end product gives the best results in all areas with a special focus on reliability and longevity!

MTCON is capable to support customers in making positive changes. Professional, tailor-made and flexible – even beyond simple press-fit technology.

MTCON offers a high level of product diversity:

  1. Power elements in press-fit- and soldering-technology
  2. Connectors, fuse- and relay socket in press-fit- and soldering-technology

Complete PDF-Catalogue is available at:

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Markets: Industry.

Applications: Various.