Neohm Componenti

Neohm Componenti was established in 1990 and it absorbed the know-how, trade mark and experience of Neohm Elettronica S.p.A., which was a company active in the market of electronic components for nearly thirty years. Since then, the company has been technologically updating with an improvement of both the production lines and the indirect structure so to guarantee a perfect compliance to the market needs. In March 2018, the company was acquired by a consortium and the new corporate structure consolidates the company. To date, Neohm Componenti area of business is the study, design, development, industrialization, production and sales of electronic components, boards and systems.

The deep knowledge of hardware, software and production process design of products and sophisticated electronic systems allows our company to finalize projects and guarantee partners the achievement of process and product performance, essential for the success of projects. The main reference markets are aerospace, railway, automotive and industrial electronics. Neohm is certified ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 9100

Neohm Componenti Srl develops electronic customized circuits, always paying high attention to privacy and cost reduction. Neohm’s manufacturing is focused on electronic design and related industrialization of the following products:

  • Analog Circuits
  • Power Circuit
  • Digital Circuits
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Custom Mechanical Solutions
  • Radio Frequency
  • Sensors


Design of custom circuits
Design of Wireless systems
Manufacturing of thick film hybrid circuits
Manufacturing of Multi Chip Module Circuits


Technological chioice, industrialization and assembly of customized circuits

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Markets: Automotive, Space-Defense, Railway, Industry.

Applications: Discrete-Protections, Opto-Display-Sensor, Power-Supply-Converters, Power-Supply-Accessories, Embedded-Solutions, Various.