NVE Corporation

Founded in 1989, NVE Corporation manufactures high-performance spintronic sensors and isolators.

GMR / TMR Sensors
NVE introduced the world’s first GMR sensors in 1995 and has never stopped innovating. NVE GMR and TMR sensors are used to measure proximity, current, angles, rotation, and gear teeth:

  • Analog-output GMR and TMR magnetic sensors with field ranges from microtesla to fractions of a tesla
  • Magnetic switches with thresholds from less than 1 mT to fractions of a tesla
  • Smart magnetometers and smart angle sensors with I²C or SPI interfaces


Advantages of NVE sensors include:

  • More precise and accurate than Hall effect or AMR sensors
  • Packages as small as 1.1 by 1.1 mm
  • Inherently reliable; proven in military/aerospace, space, and life-sustaining medical applications
  • Power as low as nanowatts


Spintronic Isolators

NVE introduced the first nonoptical isolators in 2000 and remains an industry leader. The company’s broad isolator product line includes:
• 1-, 2-, 4-, and 5-channel data couplers
• RS-485, RS-422, PROFIBUS, CAN, and CAN FD isolated transceivers
• RS-485 isolated transceivers with integrated DC-DC converters
• Passive-input isolators for drop-in replacement of LED-input optocouplers


NVE Isolator advantages include:

  • The industry’s highest isolation voltage (6 Arms)
  • A unique polymer/ceramic composite barrier provides virtually unlimited barrier life
  • No refresh clocks or RF carriers for negligible EMI emissions
  • Low-power versions
  • The industry’s smallest devices and highest channel densities, including QSOP16 transceivers and two-channel MSOP8s

A Proven Supplier

NVE customers include some of the world’s most demanding organizations, including NASA, agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense, leading medical device manufacturers, and world leaders in industrial control and process automation. NVE is ISO 9001:2015 certified and IATF 16949 conforming. Certain NVE products are UL-recognized and VDE-certified.

Markets: Industry.

Applications: Opto-Display-Sensor, Inductors-Magnetic.