OHB Digital Solutions

OHB Digital Solutions is an Austrian company established in 1999. It became a part of OHB SE, one of Europe’s leading space companies, in 2019. Having more than two decades of research and development in the field of GNSS quality assurance, GNSS signal processing and precise positioning, the company has successfully introduced the following two key products:

  • XPLORA – GNSS Signal Simulator
    From basic and generic testing applications to highly sensitive applications. A GNSS Signal Simulator for all needs – testing and validating GNSS hardware.
  • GIDAS – GNSS Quality Assurance
    GNSS jamming and spoofing detection system. GIDAS monitors, detects, alerts, and even localizes Jamming and Spoofing interferences, guaranteeing reliable time and positioning at all times.
  • NavTd – Navigation Warfare Testing
    Mobile, compact, weatherproof, IP-rated solution to generate and broadcast advanced Jamming and Spoofing interferences for testing military GNSS equipment and applications in realistic navigation warfare scenarios.

Markets: Automotive, Space-Defense, Railway, Industry, Telecom.

Applications: RF-Wireless-GSM, Embedded-Solutions, Various.