Proton-Electrotex was founded and started manufacturing its products in 1996. Since then the company developed the entire infrastructure needed to support the complete production cycle.

Proton-Electrotex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power semiconductor devices. The company has a full production cycle, sophisticated infrastructure, modern production lines, testing equipment and clean areas. In 2010, the company founded its R&D Center in Moscow dedicated to the development of fundamentally new devices for the modern industry as well as conducting reliability tests and determining the life resource of devices.

The main products of Proton-Electrotex are rectifying, avalanche and fast diodes and thyristors in stud, disc and module design, IGBT modules, testing equipment, drivers, heatsinks and power stacks.

Power semiconductors made by Proton-Electrotex are widely used in many industries:

  • UPS
  • Industrial Automation
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Mining Equipment
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Railroad
  • Charging Stations
  • Urban Transportation
  • Welding Robots

According to the established Techup rating, Proton-Electrotex is one of the Russian leaders in terms of export volume – around 70% of power semiconductors by Proton-Electrotex are exported. The company is also among the top ten organizations in the “Medium-sized” category. Its IGBT modules are the winners of the all-Russian program “100 Best Products” in the category “Industrial and Technical Products”.

The mission of Proton-Electrotex is to provide customers with unique solutions in power semiconductor electronics to help them develop and make the world a better place.

Markets: Industry.

Applications: Power-Supply-Accessories.