Serigroup Srl

Printed circuit boards in FR4 material single-sided, double-sided and multilayer, low copper (17-105 microns) and high copper (140-1000 microns) for high current value and power applications.

Heat management is also a reason for choosing high Cu thicknesses: in this case, the heat dissipated in a small area can be diffused in a larger area by using a special layer of Thermo conductive inks under the power components.

IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) circuits consist of a metal base (Al or Cu) and one or more layers separated by a Thermo conductive and electrical insulating layer with the tracks interconnected by metallized blind holes.

IMB (Insulated Metal Baseplate) circuits are basically IMS circuits characterized by the thermal performance of the specific insulations layer in order to make them comparable with ceramic substrates (DBC). Recently developed IMB uses a copper base, a Cu layer of 500 μm or 300 μm thick and an insulator with material and thickness optimized for its heat dissipation and insulating performance.

Flexible printed circuits are made starting from laminates in which the insulating layer is made of Polyamide (Kapton ™). The Cu of the layers is annealed Cu which allows flexibility and bendability to the circuit. They can also be single-sided, double-sided and multilayer. They can also be integrated into FR4 rigid circuits, thus constituting the so-called rigid-flexible circuits.

Markets: Space-Defense, Industry.

Applications: Various.