Steel Electronique

Steel Electronique manufactures and sales (under CNES license) mutiple products:

  • On-Board computers for microsatellite plateforms (OBC) and micro/mini-satellites payloads (EGCU)
  • “Off-the-shelf” DC/DC ITAR free converters for space applications, solid-state mass Memories with interfaces for plateform or payload computers
  • MIL-STD-1553B interface boards that can operate  as Remote Terminal (RT) or Bus
  • Controllers (BC) for DHU Proteus interface or 1553 equipment interface. They could also be interfaced with on board computers.
  • new CPU cards based on the last generation of processors for space applications,
  • SpaceWire MULTIPLEXER card which can be interfaced with on board computers: Avionics bus for the new generation of plateform (ISIS,…)
  • Multiplexer function 3x SpaceWire links and OSLink,  ITAR-FREE,  FPGA RTSX72SU.
Steel Electronique logo

Markets: Space-Defense.

Applications: Power-Supply-Converters.