Steel Electronique

STEEL ELECTRONIQUE manufactures and sales (under CNES license)

– On Board Computers for microsatellite  plateforms (OBC) and micro/mini-satellites payloads (EGCU),

-“Off the shelf” DC/DC ITAR FREE converters for space applications, Solid State Mass Memories with interfaces for plateform or payload computers,

 –MIL-STD-1553B interface boards. The cards can operate  as Remote Terminal (RT) or Bus –Controller (BC) for DHU Proteus interface or 1553 equipment interface. They could also be interfaced with on board computers.

– new CPU cards based on the last generation of processors for space applications,

– SpaceWire MULTIPLEXER card which can be interfaced with on board computers: Avionics bus for the new generation of plateform (ISIS,…),  Multiplexer function 3x SpaceWire links and OSLink,  ITAR-FREE,  FPGA RTSX72SU.

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Markets: Space-Defense.

Applications: Power-Supply-Converters.