Synics is a Swiss company and system provider of electronic journey data registration systems and accessories for public transport.

Asis VS-100 is the new data recording and control system for the recording of important driving data and the control of processes that increase operational safety

  • Journey Data Recording
  • Tachometer/Speed Recorder
  • Function Control in Vehicle (Vigilance/Dead man etc.)
  • Journey Data Analysis

The system is suitable for use in all public transport vehicles, for rolling stock manufacturers, public transport operators, railways or automotive company.
The asis VS-100 is available in two housing type, slide in 19” inch and standalone housing version.
The asisVS-100 system provides the following integrity levels for safety requirements:

  • SIL-2 with asis VS-100 SINGLE single unit
  • SIL-3 (SAS-3 according to SIRF-2) with asis VS-100 DUAL double unit

The safety requirement and the integrity level are specified by the customer and implemented in a customer-specific sequence and the corresponding hardware wiring.
The storage of the trip data takes place in several stages. This multiple storage guarantees that if the SDHC memory card is missing or manipulated, the most recent driving data can always be reproduced.
Digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, velocities, distance and time, position, IBIS, states, event zones, free text, acceleration, parameters, recording is event-controlled.
With Event zones important events are marked while driving and can be found quickly from the large amount of data.
Instead of SDHC card removal, device status and data can be transferred via WLAN to customer-defined servers, enabling centralized monitoring of the vehicle fleet.

Markets: Automotive, Railway.

Applications: Various.