Tecate Industries

The company manifactures standard supercapacitor from 0.5F to 100F at 2.7V active and passive balancing modules from 5V to 25V.

Tecate can provide: PowerBurst cells, Custom Assemblies and PowerBurst UC modules.

Tecate Group designs and manufactures a complete line of PowerBurst® ultracapacitor cells from .5F to 400F and a wide array of standard and customized ultracapacitor modules with integrated balancing circuitry and other customer specific features.  Tecate also offers a comprehensive line of film, aluminum electrolytic, tantalum and ceramic capacitors and electronic assemblies.

Primary markets served are data storage, AMR, telecom, consumer, material handling, audio and military.

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Markets: Space-Defense, Industry.

Applications: Power-Supply-Accessories.