TELETEL S.A. is a leading software and hardware development SME based in Greece and founded in 1995, committed to offer innovative turn-key solutions to its customers, setting industry standards and delivering a wide range of cost-effective products. The company specialises in the leading-edge areas of Space, Defence and Aeronautics.

In the Space domain TELETEL specializes in satellite/spacecraft on-board data handling technologies, with special emphasis in the validation of on-board data networks (SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553, CAN, TTEthernet, SpaceFibre etc.) providing also the relevant iSAFT product line.

Relevant products include:

– SpaceWire PCIe Interface Cards

– SpaceFibre Interface Card

– SpaceWire Simulator/Recorder

– MIL-STD_1553 Simulator/Recorder

– CAN/CANOpen Simulator/Recorder

– TTEthernet Verification-SPY Tool

– Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit

Further information and product datasheets can be found at

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Markets: Space-Defense.

Applications: Embedded-Solutions, Various.