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Our target is to enhance our suppliers technology into our customer products

Main Activities :

  • Research on new Markets and Technologies
  • Hi-Rel Procurement Activity
  • Technology Consulting Activity
  • University Collaboration: PHD
  • Public Funding Acquisition
  • Custom Solutions Development
  • Production Management

The X-BOOST 12V Series gives customers in the automotive and transportation sector a much wider range of choices to meet their energy storage and power delivery requirements.

The modules are specifically engineered for hybrid vehicle drive trains, automotive subsystems 
and other heavy duty applications that require the lowest equivalent series
resistance (ESR) and highest efficiency available.

In addition to meeting or exceeding demanding
automotive and transportation application
requirements for both watt-hours of energy
storage and watts of power delivery per kilogram,
all of these products will perform reliably for more
than one million discharge-recharge cycles.

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Standard products

Technical approaches and examples

Due to his technical background and capability, in 2010 Dimac Red Spa has been appointed as Value Added Reseller from Gaia Converter. Is now avaiable a full family of DC/DC power supplies designed according to  European standard of railways electronic equipment on rolling stock EN50155.

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Dimension of Energy Storage System often are defined based on Cranking Performance at low temperature rate (-18°C)
X – BOOST allows a better start at low temperature and an overall weight reduction of the Energy Storage System and
Enable START & STOP Function.
In addition no service will be required within the entire life of the vehicle (250.000 Cycles)
reducing the issue of starting battery malfunctioning

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A real example of implementation

Dimac Red Spa is worldwide leader in the design and development of Energy Storage Systems based on super capacitors technology.
The solid know-how has been achieved for many years  of involvement in several Projects with important Companies in multiple Fields: Industrial, Automotive, Railways.

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