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  • Declared Component List can be issued by Dimac red starting from Engineering component lists with associated program rules / requirements.
  • The document contains standard basic information but can be customized with Program/Customer requirements.
  • It’s content is based on ECSS/Q60C –annex B.
  • It is kept under configuration by Dimac red.
  • Long Lead Items and Critical Items can be identified in the DCL.
  • Dimac red can check and review any document related to Program  Assurance requirements on EEE components, for Space programs.
  • Statement of Compliance to the Program Assurance plan can be issued.
  • Critical items identification with respect to the possibility to procure the parts at the required quality level and with respect to the program schedule.
  • Long Lead Items identification (with reference to the program schedule).
  • Obsolescence verification.
  • Parts Non Conformance and Alerts transmission to Customers (in case of).
  • Detail Procurement Spec  preparation and issuing for H/R components.
    It can be issued:
    • in case of need for a Custom component, or
    • in case of a not qualified device is foresee to be used, or
    • in case of a component Upscreening is required
      to up-grade the parts quality level.
  • Detail Procurement Specs are issued and kept under configuration by Dimac red.
  • Part Approval Document (PAD) issuing and management for all the required components/families.
  • PAD content in accordance to ECSS-Q60C, annex D, can be Customized.
  • PAD will be kept under configuration by Dimac red.
  • PAD’s includes all the information of the device, with its Part   Number and quality level; the required Package and termination finish; all the inspections foreseen during the  procurement;
    the available radiation data etc.
  • PAD must be approved before to start with the EEE Purchasing  to the
  • Dimac red performs customized electrical/environmental testing and  upscreenings for its Customers.
  • Upscreening can be needed in case of a device is not available at the required quality level, so additional screening/testing must be performed on the device’s lot to adequate its reliability to the higher level.
  • Upscreenings and Tests are kept under Dimac red control and are  performed by Dimac red’s independent Partners operating since many  years in the Hi-Rel Space field. 
  • After the PAD approval, Dimac red will issue all relevant  purchase orders to the EEE component Manufacturers.
  • The P/O’s will be issued according to the requirements  agreed in the relevant PAD.
  • Dimac red purchase the devices and maintain under control the  delivery schedule, informing the Customer in case of any  unexpected delay occur from the Manufacturer.
  • Dimac red will issue periodically a procurement status document,
    stating a detailed part situation.

Dimac red is operating with US Manufacturers since many years;  we can prepare and issue the End User documents having the  basic information (and final signature) from the Customer.
Dimac red is registered at the U.S. State Department, and we  already had the opportunity to serve our Customers when a  General Correspondence was required.
Dimac red can archive copy of the licenses for his Customers

  • Radiation Testing – using external independent laboratory (RAD & TAMU or  IMT):
  • Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Device Testing per MIL-STD-883, test Method 1019 (Or ESCC 22900).
  • Enhanced Low Dose Radiation Sensitivity (ELDRS) Testing
  • 14 MeV Neutron Irradiator. Testing per MIL-STD-883, test Method 1017  Heavy Ion Single Event Effects or SEE: Single Event Latch Up (SEL), Single Event Upset (SEU), Single Event Transient (SET), 
    Single Event Burnout (SEB) and Single Event, Gate Rapture (SEGR)
  • Destructive Physical Analysis – DPA will be performed taking  into account the required quantity agreed in the approved  PAD before the component purchasing.
  • DPA Procedure is available for all component typology.
  • The DPA’s are performed trough external independent laboratories that are well known in the Space field.
  • Relife activities can be performed in case of stock availability  of parts older
    than the requirements permit (using external  independent laboratory)
  • Relife activities includes in some cases the DPA, visual,  electrical and mechanical
    tests depending on the program requirements.
  • Dimac red performs the Incoming Inspection activities according to Customer’s rule.
  • Standard Inspections at Dimac red’s Incoming dept. are:
    • External Package visual verification
    • Quantity verification (with respect to the P/O)
    • Marking verification
    • Visual Inspection on 100% of parts in case the q.ty is <=50pcs
    • Documentation control; check for the availability of the required
      reports and for the correctness of the associated  documentation.