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Collaboration with Polytechnic of Milan: Thesis work that developed and validated at CESI Ricerche a new model of supercapacitor in dynamic applications.
Sponsorship of a PH.D at Polytechnic of Milan – The work continues the thesis and it is centered on the best configuration between supercapacitors and batteries in application, with the development of :

  • Modules HW, Balancing and Monitoring
  • DC/DC converter
  • Control Logic
Within this activity Dimac Red Spa was able to win Public contests to acquire Public Funds for Industrial Research.
Among others we are partner on the following projects:
  • Hybrid Commercial Vehicle (HCV) European project: callFP7-SustainableSurfaceTransport
  • “Sitram- Sistema Tranviario Innovativo” Italian industrial innovation project for the Sustainable Surface Transport (Industria2015).
  • “Eco-compatibile Autobus optimized for Urban Mobility ‘urbana sostenibile” Italian industrial innovation project for the Sustainable Surface Transport (Industria2015).
  • Regional industrial innovation project for Energy saving-Logistic
In the mean time we set up a Dimac Red Spa internal Laboratory where we are able to test and validate  all kind of energy storage system and power supply.
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In this section you can find a list of univeristy level Research Papaers.Almost all of them are university thesis or phd works. Through them the readers can go deeper in arguments, calculations, graphs and so on.

Supercapacitor Storage System: modeling, control strategies,application ad sizing criteria 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, A.Berizzi)

A Comparison of Supercapacitors and High-Power Lithium Batteries 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino)

A control strategy for optimizing the power flows supplied by two different storage units 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, L.Piegari, S.Grillo)

A statistical approach to electrical storage sizing with application to the recovery of braking energy

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, A.Pievatolo)

DC Islands in AC Smart Grids 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, S.Grillo, L. Piegari, C.Tornelli)

High Power Quality level DC distribution 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, A. Villa, C.Tornelli)

Management of different energy storage devices using a losses minimization algorithm 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, S.Grillo, C.Tornelli, L. Martino)

New Full-Frequency-Range Supercapacitor Model with easy identification procedure 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, L.Piegari)

Simulations and field test results for potential application of LVDC distribution network to reduce flicker effect 

(L.Martini, A.Brambilla, C.Tonelli, E.Tironi, V.Musolino)

Stability enhancements in DC distribution systems with constant power controlled converter 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, S.Grillo, G.Sulligoi)

Storage systems for transportation, land handling and naval applications 

(E. Tironi, V. Musolino, L.Piegari)

Effects of Short Time Overload on resistive elements in precision resistors 

(Vishay PG)

Radiation Hardness Researchs 

( K.Sakovsky)

L’inverter NPC in azionamenti di MT per motori asincroni 

(D. Cazzaniga)