CapStrates® Design Guide by Johanson Dielectrics

CapStrates® : a Design Guide to access its features to help design engineers 

Johnson Dielectrics has released a Design Guide for CapStrates® – Bulk Capacitance Embedded in a High k Ceramic Substrates

CapStrates®  Design Guide in a nutshell

CapStrates® are ceramic substrates with capacitors embedded in the substrate. The top and bottom layers of this substrate can be designed with custom metallization patterns for microelectronic circuits. This technology works wonders for microelectronic subassembly designs that have volumetric challenges. The ceramic substrate can also operate at temperatures higher than the typical FR4 substrate. From there, engineers can deploy a CapStrate® subassembly in environments where a commercial FR4 substrates cannot handle.

A key feature of our CapStrate® lies in their utilization of high-k dielectrics for increased bulk capacitance. This enables the substitution of discrete capacitors with bulk capacitance integrated into ceramic substrates. While standard voltage ratings typically range from 100 to 1000V, our team welcomes discussions regarding specialized voltage requirements.

Additional tools

Equipped with this guide, design engineers can:

  • Tailor solutions to accommodate intricate board layouts, optimizing space utilization (“Space Saver”).
  • Seamlessly transition from quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production.
  • Achieve reduced component count and heightened reliability.
  • Avail themselves of end-to-end support encompassing design, manufacturing, and assembly services.
Download the guide here: johanson-capstrate-design-guide


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