New ready-to-sell product by Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation’s product for the low temperature soldering.
Are you interested in it?

Dimac Red is pleased to announce that Indium Corporation might issue a new product for the low temperature soldering. CORE 140LT could be applicable to the reworks or any applications which need low temperature due to the stacking. In other terms, applications that require different temperatures for multiple soldering operations.

Going through the details, CORE 140LT by our partner Indium Corporation is a Low-Temperature Cored Wire containing 57% Bismuth, 42% Tin and 1% Silver/Copper/Indium. The Bismuth mixed with tin and silver works to reduce the melting temperature that for this alloy is 139°C. As a consequence, this process strongly reduces the brittleness of the pure Bismuth.

Top features

Low-temprature alloy option
Even-layer winding
meets the requiremements of J-STD-004 and J-STD-004B as a ROLO

For any question, please ask our Dimac Red experts in order to get more information suitable for your applications.

Download the product datasheet here: CORE 140LT Low-Temperature Cored Wire Formula 99948 (A4) R0