HFC150-W/G for railway technology by Autronic

HFC150-W/G is the new high-performance DC/DC converter designed to meet the demands of railway and power-hungry industrial applications.

Key Features

The HFC150-W/G by Autronic offers a range of beneficial features:

High power: with 150W of power, the HFC150-W/G can easily power even the most demanding equipment.

Wide input voltage range: the ultra-wide input voltage range, from 14.4V to 154V, allows for use with various international railway power supplies (24V, 36V, 72V, 96V and 110V). It even covers the +/- 40% tolerance required by EN 50155. As a consequence, it’s a single solution that streamlines qualification costs for companies operating across Europe.

Ruggedness and reliability: it complies with EN 50155 standards for temperature, shock, vibration, cyclic humidity and railway-specific EMC criteria according to EN50121-3-2. Therefore, it does not require additional components.

High efficiency: with efficiency ranging from 89% to 92% depending on the applied voltage, the converter guarantees 150W of output power available over the entire operating temperature range. From -40°C to +85°C, according to class OT4 ST1 and ST2, without derating.

Integrated protection: the component features overvoltage and overtemperature protection, facilitating the integration of the flyback converter into your design. Moreover, it is short-circuit and no-load proof.

Standby status and heat dissipation: a side LED indicates the converter’s standby status. The power supply is mounted directly to the chassis for easy heat dissipation and the housing is IP20 rated.

Ideal for harsh environments: the conformal coating makes the HFC150-W/G ideal for railway applications and for demanding applications in harsh environments, such as industrial trucks.

High voltage isolation: the isolation between input and output is particularly high. 4.7 KV in the single output version and 3 KV in the bipolar version.

Selected and fire-tested materials: the PCB material has been carefully selected and fire-tested according to EN45545-2 R25 and HL 3 standards.

Plug-and-play and lightweight: weighing in at just 700 grams, the HFC150-W/G is a plug-and-play solution available in various versions. With single output (24V or 48V) or bipolar output (±15V, ±24V).


In conclusion, with the HFC150-W/G, Autronic offers a versatile and reliable DC/DC converter. In other words, a perfect device for the most demanding railway and industrial applications.



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